Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sex and Consequences

A provocative and voyeuristic thriller, starring Joan Severance, Corbin Bernsen and Rodney Scott, in which a depressed housewife’s increasingly bizarre sexual behavior eventually leads to deadly consequences

Michael Jackson Private Home Video

Michael Jackson PHM5

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal

Dead Again

Mike Church (Branagh) is a L.A. gumshoe with a knack for tossing off wisecracks and tracking down missing persons. But Church doesn't have a clue when he's hired to help a beautiful amnesia victim (Thompson) tormented by blood-curdling nightmares.

Farrah's Story Season 1 : Ep. 1

A poignant special chronicling Farrah Fawcett's battle with cancer.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Basic Instinct

S.F. detective Nick Curran investigates a murder and discovers a bloody icepick and evidence of an otherwise romantic evening. As Nick digs in, he becomes entangled in a deadly affair involving three intriguing women, each with motives.

Saints and Soldiers

A Mormon sniper and an atheist medic clash as their platoon struggles to survive behind Nazi lines.

American Virgin

When your father is a pornographer, what can you do to shock him? If you're Katrina Bartalotti (Mena Suvari), you announce you're going to lose your virginity -- live on the Internet! Bob Hoskins co-stars as the mastermind behind the plan to broadcast Katrina's deflowering. This wicked satire of the information age proves there are more than a few kinks left in the Net.
Starring: Bob Hoskins, Mena Suvari
Director: Jean-Pierre Marois
Genre: Comedy

Lazy Pirate Day Video

Air Force One

Kiss The Bride

Three Italian-American sisters who have managed to break free of their family's overbearing influence, most notably their controlling father's, must face the clan again when their more traditional sibling decides to get married in their Rhode Island hometown. The visit turns out as excruciating as they expected, but they also discover an unexpected gift in their reunion: wisdom. Stars Alyssa Milano, Monet Mazur, Amanda Detmer and Brooke Langton.
Starring: Amanda Detmer, Sean Patrick Flanery
Director: Vanessa Parise
Genre: Drama

Michael Jackson's July 2009 comeback THIS IS IT!

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana

Michael Jackson - Remember The Time - MTV

Michael Jackson - Streetwalker

Michael Jackson-In the closet

Michael Jackson feat. Usher & Chris Tucker - You Rock My Word

Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror"

Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary Thriller Teaser Video

Michael Jackson-Billie Jean-30th Anniversary Special

Michael Jackson and Britney Spears Alive

Michael Jackson, Am I black or white

Michael Jackson - Black or White (Live)

Michael Jackson LIVE MUSIK!!

Michael Jackson Dangerous